A space for every story of those creative Women in advertising, a space to talk about advertising and inspire new generations.

Only around the 12% of the creative directors are women. More creative directress is a community to learn about them: creative female directors. We want to create a movement to show the talent of the creative directress in advertising, a space to talk about communication, creativity, copywriting, design...

The purpose is to inspire new generations, empowering girls to continue their careers creating new ideas, thinking big and guiding them to achieve their dreams. In order to create more awareness about the potential of the current creative female directors, specially in Europe, we open this space to talk about the protagonists: art and copy directress. 

I've started the project inviting creative women to face our challenge “3 minutes with”. How many questions are you able to answer in 3 minutes? 

see more info: http://morecreativedirectress.org/ 

Follow us in twitter: https://twitter.com/creatdirectress 

Being involve with awesome creative women, take part of an inspirational project, learning filming, editing and design, networking and help in return with their other personal projects.


I am starting this project making some short interviews to creative women. For these interviews I need a presenter who helps me making the questions to the interviewee and being able to appear in the videos conversing with them. The interviews are 6 minutes longer, so it takes less than one hour.

Join Until:2015-07-31 00:00:00

Programmer/ Web designer

I would like to improve the appearance of the website and blog, I need someone who collaborate with me programming the website, improving the design.

Join Until:2015-08-01 00:00:00
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THANK YOU!Project encouraged on 11/10/16

Rockajoint connect.

Silvia Romano Redondo

To collaborate on this project please contact me by email.

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