We are a group of concerned citizens who can longer ignore the less fortunate people we see living on the streets. If you feel the same way , please join us in helping our fellow human beings.


My friend Melisssa is a brave and noble soul who began this project . She decided that she can longer ignore the hungry and less fortunate people we see on the streets. We need help. We need money, we need food, we need clothig, we need helping hands more than anything. If you can volunteer to cook, pack food, help hand out food and clothing please let us know . 


Cooks, Helping hands

Anyone who would like to help feed people in need. People can help by cooking meals for up to 40 persons, help by handing out food and clothes , or by donating money to our gofundme page.

Location:Downtown San Diego
Join Until:1970-01-01 00:00:00
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THANK YOU!Project encouraged on 07/04/14

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Axel Ambrosius

To collaborate on this project please contact me by email.

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