Bed Time Me

Initiated by: Dimitar Inchev
  • Dimitar Inchev
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  • Pavel Pavlov
  • Haydeé Jiménez
Category Photography
Earth-wide Photography project, capturing humans in the moments before falling asleep.

To convey images of peace, building on the idea of a global, inter/trans-cultural  understanding. We ask people, from around the world, to participate in the project with a picture, they have taken, of a moments surrounding the process of going to bed or falling asleep.


To send your image go to:


The project is to build a virtual archive, where popular photographs of these peaceful moments will be collected, and shared. 

Bed Time Me is a free open community project. All materials submitted to the project are owned by their respected submitter. The project initiators are just organizer and do not claim any rights on the submitter materials.


We put this open-call to everyone who wants to share a sleeping moment and help us spread the message of peace on earth. Take your camera or phone and just capture that moment before going to sleep, or of someone already sleeping. a BIG thank you to everyone who decides to get involved.

Join Until:2014-10-01 00:00:00


Join the project as volunteer, help us spread the message of this project, curate images and blog posts. You will be helping with everything from email, to social media and other marketing activities.

Join Until:2014-10-01 00:00:00
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THANK YOU!Project encouraged on 30/09/14

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Dimitar Inchev

To collaborate on this project please contact me by email.

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