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Did you know that 10-year-olds are nearly 16 times more creative than adults? Young people not only care about society's problems, but they have a lot to contribute. I am looking to create a film that will demonstrate the importance of involving youth in finding new solutions.

For the past three years, I have been committed to helping young people get involved in social change through my organization, Youth Powerhouse ( We have had a lot of success in supporting and inspiring young people to take on their own action projects, but have not yet been able to widely spread awareness of our cause. Youth involvement is an incredibly important but underrecognized cause, because many youth are passionate about social issues but are limited to the simple acts of volunteering and fundraising. This film would show the power of inviting youth to act on their own voices and ideas for positive change, and in so doing inspire schools and nonprofit organizations to innovate to find new ways of harnessing the incredible power of young people.

We will have $1,000 to make this happen, much of which could go to the costs of film production/editing. We could have several in-person meetings, but most work would be individual. I have developed general guidelines for the content of this video but am open to new ideas for translating this into film.


A filmmaker that believes in the power of youth-driven social change and would like to collaborate to make a creative video that supports this cause.

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