“Divine Faces of the Feminine” Dance Theatre

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I have begun developing the concept for a dance drama called “Divine Faces of the Feminine”. The production will focus on presenting the many aspects of the feminine through the symbols of several Goddesses across cultures in the form of dance.

The goal of the project is to depict the various aspects of the woman using goddess forms across cultures - from sweetness and gentleness to anger and destruction. The choreography for this project will be done in a collaborative, workshop fashion where artists emote their own depictions of various goddesses through dance and movement. I would like each artist to own her goddess in a sense and thus depict in her own dance style. It is my hope that through this project we will be able to change perceptions and inspire greater reverence for the complete woman.  I believe these goddesses are relevant for modern times with the revolution of the concept of a woman across society, and their stories are vehicles for representing the woman in today’s world. 

You can expect to be paid an honorarium for your time through several performing arts grants. You will also have the opportunity to work with other dancers and artists in a creative process through workshops. Work environment will usually be in dance studio spaces and/or homes, sometimes. You will receive guidance and mentorship in choreography and expressing yourself.


Looking for a co-lead to help facilitate artist workshops and planning for the production.If you are a dancer, you can also be one of the performers.

Location:Washington, DC
Join Until:2016-10-31 00:00:00


Looking for male/female dancers interested in becoming part of the project, improving their skills in choreography and self expression, and committed to attending workshops and performing across the country.

Location:Washington, DC
Join Until:2016-12-31 00:00:00

Art Director

A passionate visionary who is able to help execute and unify all aspects of production, arrange logistics, and manage communications. Theater experience preferred.

Location:Washington, DC
Join Until:2016-12-31 00:00:00
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