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Google Flights

For some time Google has given specialized attention to users of mobile devices, aiming to optimize their experience. To improve the search results in terms of booking trips from the smartphone, the company announced that hotel reservations and flights can be made very soon directly from the search results.

Organizing a trip involves searching and comparing all types of information, from accommodation to activities. That is why, perform the entire process from the mobile device could become tedious. But Google has wanted to simplify the process to make it much more comfortable and simple.

The new experience that the search will have from the telephone will directly affect the hotels, flights and activity. First, the company will improve the price filter, the service information is easier to find and it is possible to make reservations directly from the results.

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During the next few weeks, in some countries a highly useful simplified search will arrive that includes in different tabs the information that a person who is organizing a trip may require. When the person is looking for a flight on Google Flights , you can view a tab for hotels where you can find your favorite.

Another of the windows that can also be found in this new search experience is the one that allows you to explore other related destinations. In addition, to locate content dedicated to personal travel so that the user can access past reservations.

For now, new features will be available in a selection of countries, although Google has not yet revealed what they are. They also did not notify when it would be available worldwide.


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