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Google Gravity (a great way to play a trick on members of your household)
My 5th grader showed this trick to me yesterday after school.   Later I was in the kitchen while he showed my husband in the office and I heard loud hysterical laughter coming from the office.   Upon investigation I learned they were discussing playing a trick on my mother-in-law using this “Google Gravity” trick.   I copied these instructions from this original article.   Check it out…it’s really cool land you could make anyone think your computer has totally freaked out!


Google Gravity I’m Feeling Lucky
Perhaps, there are still many who have not yet learned of the hidden tricks in google, one of them is Google Gravity. The effect behind the creation of Google Gravity is actually a java script extension box2d-js, because the effects of JavaScript and box2d-js embedded in the page allow you to play around with elements from the Google website, all elements on the site google can move, thrown all directions, at first look if we open up google gravity is as usual look of google in General, but when we move the mouse, the elements on the site will be separated and fell.

How Google Gravity works ?
When you type the keyword “Google Gravity” and click the button “I’m feeling lucky” you instantly redirected to another page, not, try to check the address bar above, and you’ll see that this is a page from the website

How to play with Google Gravity (not running in IE):
1. visit (must be from the look google homepage).
2. typing the keyword “Google gravity” in the search engine box.
3. then click on the button “I’m feeling lucky“.
4. the movement of your mouse cursor.
5. you will see google elements will fall and you can play it.
You can play it on Google Gravity:
Try holding the elements of just about anything, to do with the “click and hold” element and then drag around the screen. You can move, throwing up; all the elements are all ruffled directions.

Try typing a keyword in the search box of any google, next press enter, then that happens is shall arise and fall down the search results you are typing in a box that the google search engine. Good luck , i think have a great idea to create google gravity, now you can experiment with google gravity i’m feeling lucky.

google gravity

google gravity


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google gravity

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