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Downloading it is as easy as getting hold of the corresponding APK file on the smartphone or tablet that you usually use to play. You won't find this application in Google Play, but you can download it

- Most beginner-friendly app to hack games, easy to use, easy to understand.
- Intuitive and simple user interface that looks and feels good.
- Multiple different search modes and value types, very comprehensively explained process.
- Normal Mode (NM): For searching for a single known value of one data type.
- Combined Mode (CM): For searching several values in a set range.
- Fuzzy Scan Mode (FZ): For searching values according to numerical variation (increased, decreased, unchanged ect)
- De-Encryption Scan Mode (DE): For searching encrypted values.
- Supported value types : DWord (0 – 4294967295), Word (0-65535), Float (decimal points), Depth/Auto (auto select value type). 
- Fastest scanning times among memory editors on Android so far.
- Auto update functionality.
- No highly advanced game hacking functionality, but covers the basics for sure.

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game hacker apk

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game hacker apk

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