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Google Flights now recommends cheaper travel/booking dates & nearby airports/hotels
Google is updating its travel tools today with a focus on reducing costs and making planning easier. Google Flights will now suggest travel and booking dates that are less expensive, while Search will recommend nearby airports and hotels that might be cheaper.
Thanks to a new “price insights” feature, Google Flights will now surface a calendar view of travel date combinations. Accessed by tapping “Dates,” cheapest flights are highlighted in green and more expensive ones in red.

A similar feature for hotels is also available. Aimed at finding the cheapest dates to reserve a hotel, nightly rates are now listed in the calendar view, along with price trends to show historical data. This flight feature is available today on mobile and will be rolling out to desktop later this year.

The next air travel-related feature will show nearby airports on an interactive map with the distance between them and your final destination visualized.

Sometimes just changing the airport you’re flying through can make a big difference in the price you pay. In fact, for more than 25 percent of flight searches you can get a better price by choosing an alternate airport.


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With ITA Matrix you can search for flights, but not book them. Google Flights lets you search for flights and you can directly book the flights you have found. Google Flights now has the option to book individual tickets for the flights you have found if this is cheaper.

How do you set up this function now? You can tick the option if you have found a flight. You can then click on the 'more' tab and check the 'show tickets - always show' option. Now Google Flights shows if a flight is cheaper to book if you book this return or two singles.

Google Flights - Individual Tickets
In the example below, a flight was chosen from Miami to Denver on June 16 and returned on June 22. Due to the chosen flights, Google Flights indicates that you have to book these flights separately, because Frontier & American Airlines do not 'belong' together.

Google Flights - Loose Tickets

Online Travel Agents & Google Flights
Google Flights now also shows it when an OTA has a cheaper price than you can book directly with the airline. To show this we want to book a flight from Amsterdam to Berlin with departure on 16 June and return on 22 June.

Google Flights - OTA View

After we have selected these flights you can book the ticket at easyJet or via an Online Travel Agent (OTA) as Bravofly. In most cases, Google Flights shows whether it is cheaper to book directly with the airline or via an Online Travel Agent. The view of the OTA price works best in my experience if you want to book a flight in the United States with the Dollar as a means of payment.

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