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Google does not notify the flights of any airline as it is the case currently, it is precisely the flights - the round trip, or just the way - that the user has reserved. For this Google has previously analyzed the messages in his Gmail inbox.

In the United States the user must type "my flights" - my flights, in French - in Google to display a map of flights at the top of his search results. It should be seen if this information is displayed with other queries including the term "flight". According to Search Engine Land  the display of flights also works with the name of the airline.

These flight notifications from the user's Gmail account are reminiscent of birthday notifications from social networks, including Google+. By definition a notification automatically appears except that there is a special request to display the reminders of the next flights.

Note that these notifications are not strictly dedicated to airline flights. Google may also display hotel reservation reminders, weather and / or a number of other useful information for the user.

The e-mail is obviously far from dead for the benefit of social networks as some like to think. As Google tends to unify its products, Gmail may not be the only one affected by these notifications. Google Drive, Google, Maps, Google+ and more could be added to the list.

To view these notifications it will not be necessary to manually add events to a calendar, or even register for any e-mail notification system. This will most likely require a link to Google Now, which analyzes the user's data to provide relevant search results in the form of maps generated based on Google's Knowledge Graph.

Note that Google Now is the direct competitor of Siri, from Apple. The apple brand still does not have its own online search engine. In 2010 Steve Jobs pointed out that Apple would leave the search for others who know how to do it better. And now ? Maybe things should change.

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